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From Gina - A Recovery Story

My experience with medical-type massage therapy began after a car accident in which I was rear-ended, totaling my vehicle and resulting in a neck injury. Massage therapy was both prescribed by pain specialist providers and searched for by myself out of sheer desperation for relief. In addition to massage for pain relief, I was referred for physical therapy, acupuncture, dry needling, chiropractic care, as well as pain management therapy including numerous medications, cervical spine injections, and even hypnosis therapy…eventually leading to four out of five surgery recommendations. 

Years of collective therapy methods helped get me by, however, it wasn’t until Chris’ office responded to my distraught call for help as I gradually worsened, that I was able to begin a true healing process. I had spent years going to great lengths in search of pain relief, eventually finding spending thousands of dollars on “world-class” care at high-end spa resorts in Las Vegas. I tease Chris that he is “better than Vegas” but it is the absolute truth…Chris has replaced my resort therapists and I no longer schedule trips there for pain management. 

He was able to accommodate my abnormal schedule and has treated me not only for pain management but for overall mental wellness, becoming imperative to my multi-disciplined wellness plan. I travel extensively for work and it was almost impossible to find a professional who could work after business hours. Not for Chris. He has such an apparent passion and calling in life to care for his clients that he makes it a point to work with our schedules. His customized therapy techniques have given me a reason to keep going. They’ve additionally helped restore my natural sleep pattern after years of insomnia and have allowed me to utilize stress and pain management tools I never knew existed. 

Practicing his techniques outside of my sessions, while receiving his continued care, has enabled me to taper off high-dose pain and anxiety medications…leading me to be medication-free, something I never dreamed possible. Chris’ intuitive nature is filled with compassion, empathy, and experience, which I tangibly felt during my first session. He continues to go above and beyond during a very taxing time in my life. His concern for my wellness is something I had never experienced, and he even follows up to see how I’m doing while gently reminding me of breathing techniques. Chris is exceptionally skilled in mind, body, and spirit (whole) bodywork therapy, not to mention I believe he is a remarkable human being (who has helped change my life for the better). Having high-level care so close to home has been a true blessing and I’m forever grateful to Chris for being such an outstanding force in my wellness journey. 

-Gina M.  9/2023

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